I have a lot to say

By Keana Zamardi

// June 26, 2015 //

PSA: Before you read this, please understand that the things written in this post are merely my opinions and my own understandings. I do not claim to be correct, but I did want to share my thoughts on this, albeit touchy, subject. Thank you.


The recent legalization of Same Sex Marriage in the United States of America has caused quite the stir in the religious world. Many Christ followers have taken to social media to bash and ridicule the decisions of the court and have chosen this opportunity to promote their personal beliefs. Please DO NOT get me wrong, there are VERY many people of faith, like myself, who completely support this movement, but when giving their support, they don’t really label it with “P.S. I’m a Christian!! Go gays!” For the most part, the only time the word “Christian” is used, is when people are being unsupportive. I am just here to let everyone know that there are some people of faith who don’t feel poorly about this decisions made on June 26, 2015.

So first off, you should not use the name of the Lord to defend your opinions just because you are scared of what you can’t understand. I feel as if I don’t need to say anything more about this. Just educate yourself, people! Second, I realize that there is much argument over the relevance of the Bible and its accuracy to this date, so I won’t dive too deep into that; but, what you have to keep in mind, is that times were very different when the Bible was written. Just remember that, on the back burner, if you will. You can quote ALL the scripture you want at me right now, but it comes down to this: the God I know and love would never look at His people and say “Oh yes, they are different, hate them please. Make them feel unworthy and not loved.” The God I know is a loving, merciful God. As Christians, we are called to be like the Lord and shine His light to the people. We are called to act as he would and by saying that one person does not deserve the same rights as another, is going against what the Lord would do. WWJD, amiright????

I know that this is a difficult concept for some people to grasp because they say, “but God said ‘A man shall not lay with another man.'” Well girl, I got news for you!!! See that shirt you’re wearing? It’s probably made out of mixed fabrics, right? You’ve probably had a hair cut before and trimmed the hair on the sides of your head, no? You might even have a tattoo! At some point, all of these things were said to be sins and things you were not allowed to do. Oh shoooOooOOot. How’s the view from that high horse? A little less high, hey? So now you come back with the classic “ya but times have changed.” Well DUH! That’s what I’m trying to tell you! These rules are ridiculous and there is no way that they are attainable in today’s society. We can see that, and so could God. Which is exactly why we have Jesus. When God looked upon His people and realized that these rules were too much, He sent His son to pay for our sins so we didn’t have to. Now I personally do not believe that being gay is a sin, BUT I will bow to you for one second. Let’s just say it is. Let’s say being gay is a sin. Here’s what I will explain. God does not see magnitude. Yes there are definitely some sins that have greater impact than others, but God does not look at sins in this way. Whether it’s lying to your teacher about your homework, talking back to your mom, or even robbing a bank, a sin is a sin. That is it. That is all. You sinned. You didn’t sin a 6/10 or a 1/10, you just sinned. The good news is, that’s why we have our loving God to talk to. That’s why the curtain ripped. We can confess to God the things we have done and when we are pure and genuine in our repentance, He accepts us and washes away our wrong doings. So even if being gay was a sin, it has been dealt with by the grace of our Lord.

I still stand by the belief that being gay is not a choice and therefore I do not belief it is sin. The Lord tells us that every single person has been “beautifully and wonderfully made in a Christ like image.” So if He did not want gay people to exist, why would he create them? Wow! Don’t you love how easily this all boils down? Wonderful, isn’t it?

Let me make it even easier! When Jesus came to earth, the 10 commandments were replaced with just two. Two simple laws. If you followed these, you would be living in a Christ like manner. 1. Love the Lord your God and 2. Love your neighbour. That’s it. None of the other laws, scriptures, rules, suggestions, whatever you want to call them, matter in the grande scheme as long as you love Him and love them. Be a good person. Care for others. Give people the support they need. And do not be ignorant because although it can be bliss, it is still ignorant bliss.

The God I know would never tell anyone to pass judgement on another human. Whether they go to heaven or hell or whatever you believe in, is up to Him; so don’t even worry about it! Honestly, don’t even give it a second thought as of this very moment because it’s not affecting you. All that this legalization has done is enable people to live their true lives and be their true selves and if that bothers you SO much, you should revaluate your life and why you carry such hate in your heart.

Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂



Like I said numerous times, this is just my take on the matter, so please, do not be offended or bothered by the words I have chosen to write today. Let’s just let everyone be happy, no matter what it looks like.


Beat the Microbead!

Usually I’m not accustomed to writing education pieces on my blog. Typically it’s for my personal thoughts and creative juices. I know my blog doesn’t have a large audience, nor do I write on it very often; however, I would feel absolutely guilty if I did not prepare a piece (for the few of you who will actually read this) about the Microbead. My hope is that you have already heard about this epidemic, but the reality is, you probably have little to no idea what it really is, or how it effects the lives of all living things. This is not just a problem isolated to man kind, it also effects plants, animals and the future of our planet.

Dramatic? No, that’s the reality of this. And the fact that every single person on this planet doesn’t know about the dangers associated with these tiny devils, is the start of this problem. Education is always the place to start in regards to dealing with an epidemic. The more you know, the easier it is to eliminate the problem. So let’s start. What are Microbeads and where do we find them? Well, a Mircobead is a tiny, plastic, bead that is contained in many products today; products such as toothpaste, face wash, bod scrubs, exfoliator, etc. Two popular examples are the Crest Whitening Toothpaste and St. Ives Apricot face scrub. The harm caused is due to the fact that these beads are so small that normal Wastewater treatment plants can’t filter them out and therefore they end up in the ocean. Once in the ocean, they are absorbed or eaten by marine life, causing them to either die due to excess amounts of chemicals in their bodies, or pass these beads along the food chain. Seeing as everything in life goes full circle, it’s only fitting that we, being the top of the food chain, would then eat these Microbeads. This wave of beads has caused a huge environmental impact and will continue to unless something is done.

So what can we do? We can beat the Microbead by making conscious decisions in our shopping. Instead of pulling our usuals off the shelf without any hesitation, a quick label check can go a long way. Ensuring that you are purchasing bead-free products is the first step to success. Trying products made locally, or by companies such as Lush Cosmetics, products made with all natural ingredients vs. chemical riddled concoctions, and/or home made substitutes, will help you to make more environmentally friendly choices. Not to mention, Lush has a fantastic program designed to encourage customers to recycle their containers for a greener, happier planet, as well as lovely, glowing, skin and hair! (Not at all a plug for Lush… psssht).

With some education and wiser shopping, we could be saving our planet, our animals and ourselves, from a lot of harm. Our time on this earth may be limited, but it is our job to ensure a lovely, comfortable home for those who follow after us. By simply changing a few products in your home, you could be making a difference in the world.

If you would like to learn more about Microbeads, their impact on the world, and how you can stop the epidemic, please visit http://www.beatthemicrobead.org/en/ .

Happy shopping, happy showering!



Feminism: Fade or Future?

Today I wanted to write on something that has been a highly discussed topic within the world lately. I wanted to address the issue of feminism and what it means in today’s society. The UN had the opportunity to actually form and publicize their new movement called “He for She”, with Emma Watson spearheading it and introducing it into the world. With this sudden support from the largest political group in the world, partnered with a well known, highly regarded actress and activist, the platform was wide and has created a lot of leverage and awareness to the cause.

As a female of this generation, I support feminism. However; as of late, there have been more and more Anti-Feminism movements; women of all ages claiming that they do not need or even WANT feminism. If you are not familiar with the Anti-Feminism movement, their main platform is that in order to obtain equal rights, they do not require special treatment because special treatment is not equality. In other words “We can do it on our own, just as you have.” As much as I understand and appreciate their thoughts, one must realize that women do need help. And that is not said in a derogatory way, just a realistic way. For generations and generations women have been looked down on, treated differently, and thought of as lesser or weaker than the man. The only thing that a feminist movement is aiming to do, is right these wrongs made so many years ago. People can still be stuck in their old ways and beliefs so it takes a little bit of trying, pushing and a lot of support, to jumpstart a new way of thinking. This new way being that women are EQUAL to men. If we break and bow to the pressures of Anti-Femisism, it will take women YEARS to begin earning the same wages as men, doing the same jobs. For far too long we have taken the Anti-Femisim approach, and it’s time to forge a new path and give women the support they need to eventually be on the exact same playing field as men.

This is a very important cause, but as Emma strongly states in her UN speech, it will take more than a few dedicated women. This cause calls for the support of men everywhere, to step up and realize the importance of this issue. It also has to be taught at a young age. I believe that this issue should be addressed to young men and women so that this ideal does not have to be taught at an older age, but rather have children grow up understanding the importance of equality.

In social media, there are a lot of young feminists fighting school dress codes, stating that it is not the girls fault if the male gets distracted by her bare shoulders or mid drift, that they should have the freedom to choose their outfits as they will and not be harassed, that it isn’t fair to send them home and risk their education just because the boys can’t focus. I saw a picture on twitter that actually sparked this entire post:


This read so so so very wrongly to me. These are NOT the goals, ideals or results set in place for a dress code. This is why young women are confused as to what it means to be a feminist, because of posts like this. THIS IS NOT WHAT WE ARE TELLING HER! Education is so important and is the goal in any school, but its not just to educate in a “book smart” way, but also to teach life skills, and what is to be learned from dress code is RESPECT. Women need to learn from a young age what is and isn’t appropriate and how to show respect for themselves and their bodies. This is not about equality, or refusing education to women, but about learning how to dress for success and living a life you can be proud of. If you do not respect yourself, how can you learn to respect others?

These types of statements are really what is killing the feminist movement. It is nothing more than aiming to provide women with the same rights as the common man. That is all. So please, do not distort, change, or shape this movement into something it is not. Educate yourself. Learn. Show your support to women and help us succeed. Don’t shy away from us just because you’re afraid we will take your jobs!

If you haven’t yet seen Emma’s brilliant speech, please take 13 minutes to watch and educate yourself. It is wonderful, just like her!  Link to that:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-iFl4qhBsE

Have a fantastic week and spread your love like an uncontrolled wild fire!



We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Perks of Being A Wallflower 


Overused and under appreciated; that’s what I think. Desperate girls clinging to the words, using them to aid their broken hearts and justify their choices in life. Yes, this quote gets the clique “white girl” stigma, but it is amazing. If you know the context in which this was spoken, and even if you don’t really, this quote speaks volumes. Concise and beautiful, these 8 words sum up all relationships, everywhere. We accept the love we think we deserve.


Notice how the quote doesn’t say, we accept the love we DO deserve. No. It says we accept what we THINK we deserve. What we do deserve and what we think we deserve are two very different things. We come from an era of low self esteem, self loathing, and shame. We look down on ourselves and forget to love ourselves. This causes many problems, but one in particular has been brought to my attention lately, and that’s that we never chose the ones who genuinely, truly, and deeply, love us, because we do not believe that we deserve to be loved. As harsh and as weird as that sounds, it’s true. I mean, it’s not as if you’re sitting there, thinking, “oh I don’t deserve love,” but subliminally, we do think that. We chose to view ourselves poorly, therefore believing we are not good enough for true love.


This is a hard thing to realize in ourselves, and that’s why it is usually pointed out, or rather, seen in someone else’s life. How often do you think to yourself, wow she could do better or, man, he does not realize how poorly she treats him. It’s especially difficult to watch when you wholeheartedly know there is someone better out there. But the thing is, the confusing, difficult, unfathomable part about life is that we can not accept the love we so deserve, if we do not love ourselves. We just can’t. It’s unfortunate that it is so difficult in this day and age, to find it within ourselves to fall in love with the person we genuinely are, but if you even want a shot at the kind of love you deserve, you have to be unapologetically you and discover that love first. 


We may make bad choices in love, relationships, friendships of every variety, but it’s only because we are unaware of the greatness that is in store. We are told we are not good enough, but we are. I am here today to tell you that you are good enough. You deserve a beautiful, wild, love, so find it. And be happy, because there is nothing better than realizing you are worth more. 





Why Media Depresses Us

          Quick disclaimer before I dive head first into this ‘needs to be discussed’ topic: I am very sorry for my absence from blogging. It is something that I love to do, but it needs to come from the right place, and without motivation and passion, posts become boring and uninteresting to those of you who actually read. I want to bring the best content I can, and lately nothing has felt right. However, I did just watch a very lovely YouTube video that has inspired this post.


         Social Media: it is wonderful. Yes, very wonderful. It helps us connect, share, correspond, learn, etc. It is a great tool. There isn’t really much to say regarding its usefulness; because as we are all aware, without it, life would be immensely different and difficult; especially when you consider the leaps and bounds technology has been making in terms of personal enjoyment, work, and life within the past decade. However, it does have its draw backs. I just have this to say: DO NOT BE MISLEAD. PEOPLE ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE. 

          Please, get that. If you understand that, Social Media will have no problem within the confounds of your life; but if you do not, it will take its toll. The reason Social Media depresses people is because they scroll through a news feed or an individuals profile, and everything looks peachy. They begin to think to themselves, “why is their life so perfect?” they question their own life, and begin comparing, they think these people on their feed have it so good, and start feeling as if their own life is insufficient or bad, they wish they had a different life. But that is not right. PEOPLE ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE. She is never going to post about how she failed her class. He is never going to make a status about how he gets abused by his parents. They will never show you that side. All you are seeing is the happiest, most positive, lovely parts of their existence. But the reality of it all is that you will never know what goes on behind closed doors. You will never truly know their life, and if you begin comparing all their positives, all the things you see them displaying to the public, to your life as a whole (both the positives and negatives), you will never feel good enough. But Social Media is a lie. It covers the grey areas with pictures of laughter, status’s of love, and funny internet memes. 

          Media tells you that your life is insufficient. It tells you, as a person, are insufficient. You idolize people you know nothing about. You try desperately to cling to their happiness. You forget to create your own. 

          Please, everyone, instead of trying to have the picture perfect life, try to live life to the fullest. PEOPLE ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE, and no one wants you to see their struggles. So do not be too quick to dismiss your own life, wishing upon a fake image of something that doesn’t even exist, because everyone is hiding something. Everyone has their struggles, everyone has their doubts and their flaws and their misconceptions. The best thing you can do, is change what you are unhappy with in the confounds of your own life, and live the best you can. Life is what you make it (thank you Hannah Montana), so chose to make it something you are proud of and something you are content in. 

        And remember, do not be fooled by the smiling faces, everyone fights their demons, but they ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE. 





See that flower.
It’s stem is crooked.
It has extra leaves growing from it.
It’s roots are too long.
Too wiry.
It’s petals are bent.
None of them are the same.
Some are long.
Some are thin.
Some are wide.
Some are small.
The centre isn’t perfectly round.
The petals aren’t overly vibrant.
It stands on the outskirts of the field
And droops to the left a little.
But she still picks it from the ground and weaves it through her long hair,
Or perches it behind her ear.
He still gives it to his lover to show her he cares.
People still pass by and admire.
Because despite all of it’s imperfections, it is still seen as beautiful.
Each one is different.
Every speckled petal and twisted leaf.
People are like flowers.
And far from perfect.
The flaws only add to who we are.
Why has the world not learned that yet?
Unrealistic portrayals,
Unattainable standards;
They force us to believe the contrary,
But we are flowers,
And we are beautiful.


I like staying up at night.

I like the way the air feels cold and undisturbed.

I like the way the wind whispers as it passes by, telling stories of lovers bound to the shadows of darkness.

I like the way everything is still and peaceful.

I like the way the lights shine in the distance reminding me of lives I’ll never understand.

I like the way a thought that has been trapped inside your mind all day can finally escape the confines and make itself known.

I like the way each second ticks by slowly and with purpose.

I like the way freedom comes so naturally.

I like the way the blanket of black removes the distractions for just a little while.

I like the way the darkness hides the imperfections.

But mostly, I like the way the stars kiss the moon.

How lucky are they to dance with the light of hope.

How lucky are they to exist thousands of years ago but still be known today.

How lucky are they to posses beauty beyond words and life beyond understanding.

How lucky are they…

I like staying up at night.

Because nothing feels better than the freedom of darkness.

|| Chasing Perfection ||

          What is perfection? Well, thanks to the Miriam Webster Dictionary, we can search and find a literal meaning of the word, which as you can see below, would be defined as:
1. the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
But is perfection even attainable? Is it humanly possible to be void of all flaws or defects? There is so much pressure to be perfect, to find perfection, but is perfection even real? In the literal sense, yes. But how can one be certain that something has reached ultimate perfection? There is no way of knowing when something is completely “free of defects” of rid of “flaws” because everyone else has a different idea of what those things could be. No one person thinks the same way, there is no limit to perfection or how to achieve it, so why is there so much pressure to pursue it? 
          Let me explain something; there is an immense difference between doing and being the best you can, and being perfect. There is nothing wrong with striving to be the best you can be and aiming to do the best you can do. Actually, I would encourage it to the highest forms; however, chasing this idea of perfection is where we stoop from healthy competition (with ones self) to ultimately, crushing disappointment. Setting attainable goals bring joy and satisfaction upon achieving them, but aiming for this fictional belief of perfection, that can never actually be achieved, is where society goes wrong because perfection is a highly regarded illusion.

“Perfection’ is man’s ultimate illusion. It simply doesn’t exist in the universe…. If you are a perfectionist, you are guaranteed to be a loser in whatever you do.”

― David Burns

          Society impedes on the illusiveness of perfection every day. They depict their idea of what perfection is, and expect everyone else to follow suit. But that’s just plain wrong. The reason that perfection is just an illusion, springs from the fact that perfection is different for everyone. You may think something is void of flaws, but as another looks on, all they see if defect after defect, not perfection at all. There is no one definition of what this word is because each and every person has a different idea on what are flaws and what are not. No two people think the same. And that is the beauty of this world.
          But perfection in media is another thing. Young girls, and yes, believe it or not, even young boys, are becoming more and more susceptible to having a hard pressed image of perfection repeatedly, and unwillingly forced into their minds, and when they fall short of achieving this unrealistic standard, they face disappointment with themselves and with who they are, all the while losing confidence in who they are and the amazing and unique gifts and talents they have been given, just because they don’t fit into the typecast, impossible, airbrushed and excessively photoshopped mould media would have you believe is the definition of “perfect.” Well, I’m sorry, but I call bullshit. Just being she doesn’t have long brown hair, blue eyes with the perfection almond shape, long legs, a flat stomach, and toned butt, does not mean she isn’t beautiful. Just because he doesn’t have blonde hair, green eyes, tanned skin, a six pack, and strong legs, doesn’t mean he isn’t exactly as he should be. 
          What I’m saying is, everyone sees perfection differently, and everyone should celebrate what makes them unique instead of trying to blend in to what society has deemed “perfect,” because let me tell you, that is not real, that is not true and that is not right. Being the best version of yourself is all that matters. Perfect is not perfect. Everyone see’s you differently, so why change for one ideal, for one image of perfection? It’s not worth losing yourself over. 

“In this world, perfection is an illusion. Reagrdless of all those who utter the contrary, this is the reality. Obviously mediocre fools will forever lust for perfection and seek it out. However, what meaning is there in perfection? None. Not a bit. …After perfection there exists nothing higher. Not even room for creation which means there is no room for wisdom or talent either. Understand? To scientists like ourselves, perfection is despair.”

– Kurotsuchi Mayuri (Bleach 306)


          But this applies to more than just media’s views of beauty and perfection. This also transfers into other aspects of life such as school, work, sports, anything that is goal oriented. Grades do not define you, how fast you work does not reflect the effort you put in, how many goals you score doesn’t depict your athleticism, etc. As long as you are being the best version of yourself, you are as close to the illusion of perfection as anyone ever will be.


Keep being your beautiful self.




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