Positivity :D

Lately, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of negativity that surrounds my life. Being a positive person, that bothers me quite a bit. I don’t know why people choose to be negative, but whatever the reason it, it does no good, for anyone. I enjoy people and making friends and having a smile on my face, complimenting people and loving others. Of course, I have my days too, no one can be perfect, (only Jesus!) but that doesn’t mean you should choose negativity as a life style.

To some people that might not make sense; negativity can’t be a life style! But, in all honesty, it can. It become a controlling factor in your life, a personality trait, if you will. This negative outlook becomes parasitic, latching onto your happiest of thoughts until it brings them down to its dark pit. 

I’ve never understood negativity to be honest. What good does it do? None at all! Where as with positivity, you can change the world. I strongly believe in the power of positive thought. If you think negative thoughts, negative things will happen; if you think positive thoughts, positive things will happen. It’s all perspective. 

Now, to move away from the pit, lets talk about positivity for a second. With a positive attitude, you can conquer the world! Think about it. What if Jesus had been a negative person? Constantly doubting God, saying His plans wouldn’t work, giving into what people said about Him? We would not have a Saviour. So, as we were created in His image, we should reflect His attitude. Jesus, our prime example on living life, was an uplifter, a believer, a positive thinker. We owe it to ourselves, and to our Saviour, to think and live the way He did. 

Positivity has so many benefits. With a positive attitude you can make a person smile, light up a room, change a persons day (for the better), help someone believe in themselves, create a happy and uplifting mindset, give yourself a better life, more confidence, more self worth, and even change the negativity you receive (because, lets be honest here, you will still receive it no matter what) into a learning opportunity. 

So to just leave you with something to ponder: what do you gain from negativity verses what you gain from positivity. Just think about that and I’m sure you’ll be looking to be a more positive person. It’s life changing, I promise!

Love always.