I have a lot to say

By Keana Zamardi

Month: October, 2013

Entitlement Generation:

As a 17 year old I belong to the next generation; a generation that will provide political leaders, important figure heads, judges, lawyers, business men and women, medical professionals and much more. We are the future. Am I proud to be a part of this generation? Definitely. The potential of this young group is incredible! The things that can be accomplished are countless. But am I proud of this generation? That’s a different story. Growing up I’ve always been told that I have an “old soul” meaning, my maturity surpasses my age on every level. Possibly it’s from all the time I spent with adults growing up, or maybe I was just given a gift of inquisition that allowed me to further explore topics far beyond my realm of understanding. Either way, I have always found myself to be a little more worldly, if you will, than those I frequent time with in school. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just kind of… there. So, when asked today if I was proud of my generation I had to think for more than a moment. I was certainly proud of different aspects and endeavours practiced and pursued by my peers but the generation as a whole, if I may briefly categorize, I was not too sure.

Do not misinterpret the point being made, but the children of today have been raised, or rather have inherited a sense of entitlement. From where? God only knows, but it is visible and clear. Children are growing up with the false belief that the world owes them something, that they are entitled to certain aspects of life such as food, water, shelter, the newest trends and latest “must-haves.” This misconception has driven tomorrow’s leaders into a fit (at times this may be taken literally). Now, if I may speak to my generation here the world does not owe you anything! But to it you owe your life. If that hasn’t explained itself yet, allow me to do so. You we’re put on this earth, not to receive, but to give and to work and to repay the world for all it does for you. It does not owe you a thing! No one does! You can not simply come into this world and expect to be given things, to have things done for you. You have to fight for what you want, you have to make it mean something.

Being raised in a First World Country it is easy to become too comfortable and begin to take certain things for granted. But it is time people begin to understand the difference between rights and privileges. This generation believes they have a right to clean water and shelter, to healthcare (if you’re Canadian, sorry Americans), to the bare necessities of life, however; this is false. These are privileges. These are blessings. It is not your right to have running water and active plumbing, it is your blessing. It is not your right to have food in your fridge and a free education, it is your blessing. I feel as if, in the easy going, layers back, “no right way of parenting” society, we have lost site of the key principals in raising a socially aware child. A working understanding of the world and it’s cruelty is actually, believe it or not, beneficial to a young mind. It teaches them to value what they have and work for what they want; that life will not the handed to them on a silver platter with newly polished silverware. There is work that had to be done in order for one to attain their goals, there dreams.

You owe it to those who have gone before you and forged the way to “pick up your bootstraps” (for lack of a better term) and work for them. You must work in order to pay back the world and all of those who lived in it, worked on it and slaved away to create the life you now live. You must battle your way through the tough times in order to come out the other side proud, strong and knowledgable. So please, do not make the mistake and believe that you are superior, that you are greater than those who came before you. Do not turn your nose up to a little bit of hard work. In the end it is far more rewarding than anything that is simply handed to you.
Work hard and think of those who fought for you and for all the things you have been blessed with before you demand and expect certain things in life. Realize your luck and all the incredible gifts you have been given as a young person. We are the leaders of tomorrow, might as well start acting like it.

I would love to sit here and say that I am so proud of all the amazing things my generation had accomplished, but this I cannot do, at least not now. Yes, there are amazing young leaders amongst us but the disappointing truth is they seem to be few and far between. So why not stand apart from the Entitlement Generation and do your part for this world? Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished and see how far we can go.

Are you ready and willing to change the world? I sure do hope so!

Have a fantastic night!




Making A Change!

Today I wanted to quickly type up something that I hope may spark a flame within, at least, one of my readers, if not all; I want to write something with more inspiration and direction. I want to talk about something that is very close to my heart, making a change. Now many people live under the false belief that you must go far out of your way, spend an incredible amount of money and fly half way around the world to create change. These are really amazing, and incredible efforts and certainly help in such a large way, however, I like to focus more on the attainable changes. These are the types of things that we can do each day, just small things, that will create a better world.


So, let me begin by speaking about human kind. In life you will fall upon yet another choice. You can choose to either live your life as an inferior human, one who remains static and refuses to grow, shape or change. A being that remains bland and tasteless, who’s efforts are merely sought for the meaning of their own life, and how it will benefit them. You can be that person who just floats through life, comepletly unaware and unchange or, you can make the conscious decision to become a dynamic being; one who grows, changes and influences, one who dedicates part of their life, no matter how small, to the benefit of other humans. One who is concerned with the world, who, at least tries, to understand the inner workings of the universe and through this finds the joy and love within themselves to desire a change. Yes, this world is beautiful and amazing, but how much more beautiful and amazing could it be if each human desired, and acted out, a willingness to make a positive change? It does not have to be big. It can be as small as a smile, or a genuine compliment or a hug, but it has to be for the benefit of others.


There is so much time, especially in the lives of adolesence, spent upon the negatives. Human beings spend too much time and energy on bringing others down. Whether the motivator be jealousy or lust, envy or hurt, they point out weaknesses of others instead of their strengths, they tell them their flaws instead of acknowledging and praising their uniqueness. Each person has their quirks and differences, but that is what makes this world so exciting and so fun. I do not see why being unique is cause for ridicule but it seems as if in this day and age, that is certainly what it has become. But I encourage you to be different, to be unique, to stand out from the crowd of negativity and be that glowing, gleaming gem of postivity. If human beings spent half as much time uplifting and encouraging others as they do putting them down and pointing out their flaws, how much would this world grow? How much more would we get done if others actually believed in their potential and knew their strengths.


So what I want to ask of you is to take the challenge. Encourage yourself to break free from the monotonous drown of slurred insults and breathy “come-backs,” to set yourself apart and refuse to join in to the relentless banter of harsh words and bad vibes, to stop seeking revenge but instead life in peace and accept the things you can’t change. Give one compliment, or one smile. That is all it takes. That one simple act may impact someone in a way that you can’t even begin to understand. Or maybe you can. Maybe you’re that person who needs someone to break free, to stand up, for you. Maybe you need that smile in a crowded hallway or a tight hug to know that you are not alone. No matter who you are, where you are in life or how many times you’ve acted in a negative way, it is not too late to change. It’s never too late you change. And it’s certainly not impossible to make a change.


All I am saying is, you do not have to accomplish some large feat in order to change the world. All it takes is one simple, tiny act of selflessness that gets the ball rolling. Stop thinking about what you gain and starting thinking about what you can give. You could be the start of a revolution, you never really know now do you! So today, choose positivity. Choose love. Choose the good and positive vibes because each one of your actions and every word you articulate has an effect of this world, don’t you want it to be a positive one?


Love and good vibes for the rest of your wonderful week! 





Focus on the good. Focus on what counts. Count your blessings and realize what you have!

Life, Its Choices and All The Stuff Inbetween:

As you can tell, I decided a while back, in June, to take a break from blogging. Not because it wasn’t making me happy, but because I really needed to take a step back an evaluate things. Sometimes life can be difficult, it can be rough and it can lead you in many different directions, ones that you were not necessarily expecting. But life can also be beautiful and uplifitng and carry you along its path with grace and designation. I’m not exactly pinpointing which of these I’ve been experiencing because in the grand scheme of things, there is no way of knowing that quite yet. In the overused yet underappreciated simile of life, life is like a rollercoaster, it has its ups and its downs. Its true. However, while we are on this earth, as such insignificant beings, how can we know for sure what is up and what is down? We may have an idea, a costumized perception, but that is just man kind giving itself far too much credit. How can we know for certain what is at play in the Universe? We can’t. This is why I am encouraging you today, in this lengthy and most likly drawn out post, to just enjoy being inferior. We do not have to have all the answers, or know where we will be in 30 years. That is the joy about being human, nothing is certain until it happens. In the blink of an eye everything can change.

This is dovetailing nicely into my second point here. Hurray for smart blogging. So, all of that being said, I would like to refer back to my previous post, from June 11 (wow, seems like a life time ago). Living as a positive being can help improve your life so much. Life is similar to a butterfly: beautiful, graceful, and oh so delicate. The fragility of this creature, the way it can be so easily snatched up and crushed, forever altering or possibly ending this little life, mirrors our own world, our simple existance so beautifully. So, why not make the most out of each day. Why not choose to see things in a positive light? When you stumble, why not thank the ground for being there to catch you instead of cursing it for scraping up your knee? Because when you look back at your life, when you remenise about all you did, would you not like to recount the times you’ve smiled in abundace and not the times you cried? You have the choice to make your life happy, and by extention, make the lives of those around you happy as well. A smile is more easily traded than a tear and it has a higher market value.

Now, I would like to adress a popular urban myth very quickly. It has recently come to my attention that it is commonly believed that positivity is a characteristic one is either born with or without. Well I’d just like to say that that is a lie straight from Satan himself! Positivity is a lifestyle. It’s a feeling, an emotion, an indescribable peace, an active way to create a better you, a better city, a better world. But most importantly, positivity is a choice. It is not something you are born with, or something you can buy, it is an active choice you make, within your own being, within your own life, to become to best person you can be, to see things in all the happiness, light and amazment it was meant to be seen in. Life is not meant to be lived sad. This world, so beautiful and wide, was made to be seen, experienced, tasted, touched, loved and fawned over with happiness and bliss. Find within yourself the ability of choice and choose to start your morning with a positive thought. Thats all it takes. One positive thought in the morning to start your entire day off just right. Soon one thought will turn into two and two will turn into three and so on. Soon you will not be thinking the negative thoughts and therefore you won’t be verbalizing them and so by extentsion, those around you will hear, and begin to think more positivly.

So what are you going to do with your rollercoaster? How will you treat your butterfly? There are many ways to live, but remember, only you posses the power to change your life, you posses the ability of postive thinking and only you are incharge of your happiness.

Have a wonderful, incredible and happy happy happy week!