Why Media Depresses Us

by Paper Lions

          Quick disclaimer before I dive head first into this ‘needs to be discussed’ topic: I am very sorry for my absence from blogging. It is something that I love to do, but it needs to come from the right place, and without motivation and passion, posts become boring and uninteresting to those of you who actually read. I want to bring the best content I can, and lately nothing has felt right. However, I did just watch a very lovely YouTube video that has inspired this post.


         Social Media: it is wonderful. Yes, very wonderful. It helps us connect, share, correspond, learn, etc. It is a great tool. There isn’t really much to say regarding its usefulness; because as we are all aware, without it, life would be immensely different and difficult; especially when you consider the leaps and bounds technology has been making in terms of personal enjoyment, work, and life within the past decade. However, it does have its draw backs. I just have this to say: DO NOT BE MISLEAD. PEOPLE ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE. 

          Please, get that. If you understand that, Social Media will have no problem within the confounds of your life; but if you do not, it will take its toll. The reason Social Media depresses people is because they scroll through a news feed or an individuals profile, and everything looks peachy. They begin to think to themselves, “why is their life so perfect?” they question their own life, and begin comparing, they think these people on their feed have it so good, and start feeling as if their own life is insufficient or bad, they wish they had a different life. But that is not right. PEOPLE ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE. She is never going to post about how she failed her class. He is never going to make a status about how he gets abused by his parents. They will never show you that side. All you are seeing is the happiest, most positive, lovely parts of their existence. But the reality of it all is that you will never know what goes on behind closed doors. You will never truly know their life, and if you begin comparing all their positives, all the things you see them displaying to the public, to your life as a whole (both the positives and negatives), you will never feel good enough. But Social Media is a lie. It covers the grey areas with pictures of laughter, status’s of love, and funny internet memes. 

          Media tells you that your life is insufficient. It tells you, as a person, are insufficient. You idolize people you know nothing about. You try desperately to cling to their happiness. You forget to create your own. 

          Please, everyone, instead of trying to have the picture perfect life, try to live life to the fullest. PEOPLE ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE, and no one wants you to see their struggles. So do not be too quick to dismiss your own life, wishing upon a fake image of something that doesn’t even exist, because everyone is hiding something. Everyone has their struggles, everyone has their doubts and their flaws and their misconceptions. The best thing you can do, is change what you are unhappy with in the confounds of your own life, and live the best you can. Life is what you make it (thank you Hannah Montana), so chose to make it something you are proud of and something you are content in. 

        And remember, do not be fooled by the smiling faces, everyone fights their demons, but they ONLY POST WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE.