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The Millennials

This. Is. Beautiful.

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Here’s an article which I read and thought had the most perfect explanation to my beliefs of this generation. This is definitely worth the 2 minute read.

Could It Be? Millennials Are The New Generation of Hippies, But With Better Weed


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“I Am Who I Am Because Of Them.”

What an intriguing statement. What a thought provoking compilation of words. I have never read something so short that sparked such a sense of curiosity, thought, comparison, and interlude within my own being. I am who I am because of them. Wow. 


When I first read this quote, I am going to be honest, I saw it in a negative light. I loved it, but I thought it was a statement to the oppressed, the bullied, those who suffer from peers or just the words and actions of those around them. But, with further investigation, and a little bit of time to allow it to resinate in my mind, I realized that it is more than that. This quote speaks to the times of enlightenment, the times of learning, of growth and maturation all due to the help, guidance and/or wisdom of another being. 


As humans, we allow our lives to be shaped and altered by the things, and mostly, the people around us. We are a compilation of the things we learn from those whom we choose to spend time around. Taking on two sides of the spectrum, this little quote really reflects life in it entirety. There are people we will encounter who will shape us into better humans; who will love us, support us, teach us and watch us grow into bright, young beings; these people will speak volumes into our lives, perhaps even persuade us to change aspects of ourselves in order to become better humans. In my life, these people would be my parents, and a few close family friends. Then there are those who change us in a more somber, indifferent way. Maybe its the bully you spent all of Middle School actively avoiding, or the girl who made snide remarks about your outfits every single day. Or maybe, it’s your boss who talked down to you each day, making you feel worthless, stupid, unimportant. Whomever it was, these people caused you to think differently about yourself. These people changed you and made you into a different person. Each day, chipping away at the masterpiece that you are, until they created who they wanted, or at least, who they thought they wanted.


In the case of the negative, I would just like to say that, even though it is difficult, do not let the mean people of the world become a direct reflection on who you believe you are. Do not let their words and actions have too much power in your life to change you for the worst and forever. These people only bring you down because you are above them. If you give them too much power, you can be left broken and lost. Stand true to who you are, no matter how tough it gets. You hold the power over your own life, not them.


But, life is tricky. It’s a balance. A very fine balance. When do we stop letting people change us? How do we know who will change us for the better or for the worst. The world can be cruel and even though it looks like someone is trying to help you, that might not always be true. But the world is also beautiful, loving, and inspired. I have met many people in my life who have changed me for the better; some of those with whom I have become friends have spoken volumes in my life, making me realize certain things that perhaps I may not have realized without their love and support and guidance. Others have come into my life and left my broken, rundown and miserable. But that is life. That is what happens. You are who you are because of each and every person that has entered your life. You may not realize it, but they have shaped you and moulded you, maybe just very slightly, but altered you nonetheless, into who you are at this very moment.


They say you become most like the 5 people you frequently hangout with, so choose wisely. But also, be cautious of those who are only there to tear you down, and be inviting of those who want to build you up with positivity and love. You can not live in fear of those who will mistreat you, it is bound to happen multiple times in your life, and being overly cautious can result in possibly missing out of a person whom you have misjudged and who’s goal was to encourage you to the very end. 


This isn’t something to be afraid of, its merely something to ponder as you make your way down the path of life. People change, life goes on. Where would we be without those who have left us broken? Where would we be without those who lifted us up? Everything happens for a reason, so don’t be afraid. But above all else guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23) and really choose wisely who you allow into your life because in the end, each person you met impacts you, some more than others, but an impact nonetheless. 


Inspire, and impact those around you in a positive way.






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Never Stop Dreaming 

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2014: Year of Happiness

As the new year approaches, people everywhere are beginning to think of New Years resolutions and things that they would like to improve about themselves. It is so easy to get swept up in the hurricane of dismal thoughts and negativity this time of year, especially whilst thinking of all the things you don’t like about yourself and about the year that just passed. 

Obviously New Years is an amazing time, but I would just like to encourage my readers to think about New Years a little differently than you maybe have in the past. New Years is a time of hope and prosperity, a time to begin thinking about all the new adventures and possibilities the year can bring. However, what I want to suggest is that instead of looking back on previous years and thinking “Oh no, I should have done this. Why didn’t I do that? How come I didn’t take that opportunity? I regret this time so much,” think instead of all the fun things you did, all the amazing times you had, and how much you grew as a person that year. And yes, if there was a time where you felt as if more could have been done, then learn from that experience and use to to improve your following year! Use all the unsatisfactory times to your advantage so that next year can be even better!

I’m all about giving my personal advice, so today I just thought I would share with you some ways to really focus on making yourself happy this year. These are my tips on how to make 2014 the happiest, most satisfying year and come out of it next year feeling refreshed and renewed and amazed with who you are and what you live for.


Here are a few New Years suggestions for you! 

1. The Memory Jar: 

Take an empty jar (I used a mason jar), cut up a bunch of slips of paper or keep a package of sticky notes next to it, and every time you have a remarkable experience, a time that made you laugh, a memorable day, an encounter that made you smile, or anything at all that made you happy, write it down on the slip of paper and place the paper into the jar. 

At the end of 2014 your jar will be full of exciting, happy and positive memories to read, enjoy and reflect on as you ring in the next new year! 

This is a simple way to help you remember and realize, if you haven’t all ready, all the amazing things, people and experiences you are blessed with in your life and show you all the amazing attributes to your year instead of thinking about how you could have made it better or why it sucked.


2. Set Realistic Resolutions:

 All too often we get carried away and make SWEEPING DECLARATIONS (yay HIMYM fans) about what our new year will look like and set ourself quite unattainable goals. In the end, this only makes our year disappointing when we realize we never met these highly unrealistic goals. So instead of saying “I am going to completely change my life and everything about myself and do all these crazy, expensive, outrageous things,” start with something easy such as “This year I promise myself (not anyone else) to start spending more time with my family. I will set aside one day each month that will just be dedicated to them.” This is an easy goal to set yourself and you will feel much happier at the end of the year when you can look back and say that you’ve accomplished your goals for this year!


Click this link for more tips on sticking to your resolutions!



3. Spend More Time Disconnected:

This year, try to spend a little less time on your electronic devices. Whether it be a tablet, phone, computer, whatever, try to disconnect yourself and experience life, not just life on the internet. 

There is nothing wrong with spending time on social media sites, or the internet, but make sure that you’re not living for social media or internet. Make sure you are living life to the fullest by going outside, traveling, talking to friends, making memories, talking to those who are around you, rather than those on your screen, exploring, discovering and giving yourself the gift of worldly knowledge.

Studies show that the more time you spend on the internet, the more likely you are to develop signs of depression and anxiety. So this year, give yourself the gift of happiness and cut back on your device usage!  


4. Dedicate More Time To Others: 

Volunteer at a local charity or a homeless shelter or a hospital fundraiser. Whatever it is, give back to your community and your world by showing gratitude and love to others. Everyone needs a little help every now and again, so try to give back; giving to others not only helps them, but it gives you a chance to talk to people, to hear their stories, and to really connect with people you might not normally connect with. Also, you get to feel good about what you have done by knowing that you have helped someone or a specific cause. 

I suggest trying to 100 hours challenge! Give 100 hours of your time to those who need it this year. Whether it be helping someone with their work (or homework if you’re in school), driving someone somewhere, volunteering, baking cookies for someone you love, ANYTHING! Just use 100 hours of your time this year to give back, to put something back into the world! 


5. Do More of What Makes You Happy:

This seems simple enough, but unfortunately in todays day and age, I find that people have stopped doing what makes them happy by forcing themselves to fit into the “perfect mold” society has created. But I just want to tell you that you are perfect and whatever makes you happy, is what is important. At the end of the day, you have to be happy with yourself and love who you are first. Focus on what keeps you there, what keeps you in that space of self love and what helps to put that beautiful smile on your face!

In order to make 2014 a success, you have to focus on yourself and what makes you smile! At the end of the year you will have so many amazing, fun, memories if you forget what everyone else says and just do what you want to do.


6. Take Lots of Pictures:

This is just a tip for every day life. Just take pictures. Make memories. Fill albums. Reminisce when you’re feeling down.


7. Be True To You:

This kind of goes along with number 5, but if you are still stuck in that place where you are unsure of who you are and you feel as if you are just going along with how society, or even your friends, want you to be, take the opportunity this year to discover who you are because there is nothing more amazing than the journey of self discovery and no better love story than the one you have with yourself. Sometimes finding out who you are can be difficult, but it is forth loosing a few friends over (this happened in my experience) and you will be a much happier person when you are staying true to yourself and doing you.

Take this year to really embrace you and everything you are!


8. Enjoy The Little Things/Do Not Waste Time:

Take time this year to stop and smell the roses. Literally and figuratively. Take those extra few minutes to sit and enjoy and appreciate all the smaller things in life. A lot of little things add up to make one big thing! And it doesn’t take much to completely change your day and put that beautiful smile back on your face, but lets hope it never leaves!

Do not waste time. Fill every second with something amazing! Instead of feeling bored and sitting around the house, go outside, go for coffee with a friend, bond with your dog, talk to someone, take a walk along the beach, write a letter, phone someone, have a relaxing bath. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure it is making you happy, and adding to the experience of 2014.


9. Surround Yourself With Good People:

I cannot stress to you how utterly important this is! There is a famous quite that says “You become like the 5 people you hangout with the most. Choose wisely,” and this is so true. If you surround yourself with negative, unsupportive, mean people, you will become like them. So choose to surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up and support you in your endeavours and dreams; those who will love you at your lowest and help you reach your highest potential, those who will give to you just as much as they take, those who understand you and care about you. Do not let negative people tear you down and bring you down with them. Let those who spread positivity and good vibes speak into your life and help you see the good in life. Joy and the way you view yourself can be swayed and tainted by those with whom you associate yourself, so you need to choose these people wisely.

If there are currently people in your life who you feel are making you feel less about yourself or making you unhappy, you need to do the (very difficult) job of removing them from your immediate circle of friends. These people can be poisonous to you and to your self esteem and your happiness is the ultimate goal; you cannot let people sway you from your path of comfort and joy. It might be difficult, but it is worth it in the long run!


I know there are many more wonderful things that you can do to make your year a success, but these are my few tips to bring yourself happiness and joy this year!

Make sure you don’t get caught up in the typical, regretful, “I didn’t do anything with my year,” self loathing that we often encounter this time of year, and think of all the positives and great experiences you had this year!! And so what if you didn’t have the best year, there is always room for improvement in the New Year, but make sure you do not try to change yourself, or set unrealistic lifestyle goals. Focus on happiness, love, gratitude, friends, family, and making the world a better place.


Best wishes for the New Year and lets make 2014 count!




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Merry Boxing Day!


Ahh. My blog was in such dire need of a makeover. I am so sorry. It was bad. But now its a bit better!! Yay for not being lazy. I was inspired by a friend after seeing his blog come to life with all these simple little changes, so I decided it was time to get on it and make my blog look all snazzy too. I mean, it is my heart and my soul and all my thoughts and feelings, so it should at least reflect who I am and now it does. There will be a few more changes to come, but check out my twitter and instagram and some of the blogs I am currently following (oops accidentally unfollowed a bunch of my favs so I gotta get back on that and follow them again) in the mean time. Also, feel free to check out my older posts and wonder your way through the sparkles and rainbows of my heart. 


Err, sorry, that was super girly. But please check it out and come back soon to catch the rest of my changes!


Goodnight kiddos!




A Beachy Christmas



Merry Surfmas <3

Christmas time is amazing. I love everything about Christmas time, but I especially love everything about Christmas time on the West Coast. There is just something so amazing about hiking along the ocean in the (only mildly) cold temperatures while there is a turkey at home in the oven waiting for your return. 


My family is surf family for sure. We love everything about the sport and wish we could be out there 24/7. This year, my family surprised my sister and I and took us on a trip out to our favourite beach for a hike and a surf! It was completely amazing. Not the ride necessarily because there weren’t any big swells, but just the fact that I got into the ocean for the first time this season and got the shred with my sister for the first and last time until the summer. It was so fun to be out there with my best friend. She makes me laugh so much, especially while coasting and paddling out. I love just sitting out there with her, on the boards, chatting and coasting wave after wave until a good one comes. Chasing waves will always be my favourite thing to do, but with my sister it is just that much better. 


Today was a dream. It was fantastic and certainly memorable. I can’t wait to rip it up with her again in the summer but today was just perfect. I could not have asked for a better Christmas 2013 with more amazing people than my loving family. I am so blessed to have my crazy, outgoing, hilarious best friends as family members as well. 


Ahhh and theres turkey waiting at home!!! Yum!

Have a fantastic, merry, memorable, happy Christmas everyone!



I love you.

I’m an affectionate person. I am constantly telling people how much I love them and how much I appreciate them. But people need to understand that just because I say that I love you doesn’t mean I am in love with you. It’s very different. I like to hug and cuddle and hold hands with people because I am an affectionate person. I like to send my friends and family random texts or leave them voicemails telling them how much I value them and how happy I am to have them in my life. Sometimes I just send a heart because that’s literally all it takes to show them you’re thinking about them, you love them and you care. That’s just how I show my love, that’s just how I grew up and what I was always surrounded by. I just wish people knew the difference between loving and being in love because sometimes my affection can be taken I a different way than I intend. But regardless, everyone needs to hear it and I am a strong believer in telling those around you how you appreciate them.

I love all my family and friends so much, rarely do I ever end a call without saying I love you. It’s just what I do. I believe in telling those closest to you that you love them as often as humanly possible. You can never hear the words I love you often enough. It’s amazing what’s those words can do for you. And also, it’s a nice note to end a conversation on.

If people spent as much time telling people they love them as they do showing hate or talking negatively about them, this world would be a much different place. A beautiful place.

So all of that just to say that I love you and I hope you’re having an amazing day, week, year, and life. You are amazing.